Friday, August 22, 2008

Upates and another CD cover

So I was already to back into the swing of things with the blog. I was back from vacation, and didn't have much going. I was doing new pages, and constantly updating. But then as soon as I got back, my old job contacted me, and not being able to turn some more money, I had to go back. So the post might be light again for a while.

As far that image up there. I finished demoing songs for my new Ambient EP. I don't have a name for it yet. My temporary title is Ambiotic, but that will most likely change. I wanted to work on a cover for it, so I came up with this little ditty. I wanted something really simple, to represent the style of music. I think it's turning out OK so far. I will definately work on it some more in the future. In case your wondering here are the songs that are going to appear on the EP:
1.Go Home Again
3.Organ Harvesting
4.Fictional Love
5.Digital Marianas

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