Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Geanie Concept Sketches

The concept sketches for Geanie's Character. The colored one was the final look I decided to go with. You can see a small panel with her in section 1.3, and she's in the piece from the last post. This may seem like overkill for a character that is one panel, but I assure you, she will definitely be popping here and there throughout the series. You'll see more of her in section 1.4 in fact.

In other Northpark News. I've had a pretty slow week at work, so I decided to work on scripts. I wrote section 1.4 today, and did a lot of outlining, and plotting. I'm already plotted up to section 1.6, and started work on 1.7. I want to end the first section somewhere around 1.8, but I may go all the way to 10 sections. My only problem is I don't have an end to the first chapter. I know where the series is going, and where the next few sections are going, but i want a big ending to chapter 1. I'm going to have to keep thinking about that.

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