Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yes! Yes! Yes! Welcome to 50th Post Extravaganza! Can't believe it's been 50 post already? Me neither. I've got some big news. On the night of the 50th post, I have almost completed the first volume of The Water Closet. What a co-winky-dink huh? Yup, how cool is that. I finished the last page today (after throwing out numerous pages, which I didn't think were good enough for the art book). I'm done and I've got a whole bunch of extras for the blog post today. First off we have an exclusive page from my upcoming art book Loo. Next we have a sketch from my sketch book that I did up for the big event which is this post. And lastly I have a super cool desktop background that I made from one of the pages from Loo. I really love the background it turned out really cool. I hope some people will use it. So that's it. The first volume of Water Closet has been a great time. Check back tomorrow and subsequent days for what the future holds for the Water Closet.

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