Sunday, June 29, 2008

Early Years 7/04-7/10

So I didn't post yesterday, but I think this post will make up for the lack of update yesterday. Here is the final version of the sketch i posted a couple days ago. It's an ad/cover kind of. Since Early Years is just a section of pages from Chapter 1 that act like a short story, there won't be a specific cover, but this kind of works as one.

So yah, as the Ad says it starts next friday (4th of July), and as always it will run for a week, and each day will have commentary on each page. This story won't get posted over at the NWU website because it's part of Chapter 1, so you'll only be able to read it here.

As for the actual drawing of the ad. There is a lot of symoblism from the story in there. The drawing turned out better than I expected. I really like it. I took that tan bar off like 3 times, but decided to leave it on. I think it makes it look kind of like a movie poster. Hope you enjoy the story next week.

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