Monday, June 16, 2008

Heart In Hand

So I was bored today, and feeling a little inspired so I did a drawing of good ole Zeb. Still don't know if we'll ever see an actual OZC story, but it will definately be epic if we do. I thought this drawing turned out great.

ALSO. I've started another blog. It's for my podcast Blank Of the Week. The podcast is called BlankBlog. This blog will be a little different than Water Blogged. I started it and will be pretty much be running it, but I've already employed several other members. Travis and Chris from Blank will also be doing stuff. Also honorary 4th memeber Eddie Hoey will be participating, and I'm planning on asking our friend Jared (aka Poser) to work on the blog as well. So check that out. Here is a link. Also it's in the links section, or you can just go to the neworld blog profile and access it from there. Check all this stuff out.

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