Thursday, March 19, 2009


In the past I've always written myself into characters. In Neworld, all three characters were different parts of my personality. Usually when I wrote things that had multiple characters, I put one character who was very reminiscent of myself. But this is the first time I've basically written myself into a comic. The character Greg is essentially me, right down to his psyshical appearance. The way I've been writing him is a little bit more of a characture of myself, but still it's pretty much me.
Some funny things have been happening while I've been writing myself in a comic. First off, I keep wanting to actually call him Glen. Numerous times I've actually typed out my own name, and then realized later it was wrong. I also find myself making my character do things that I wouldn't normally do, but want to, and having things happen to him, that I wish would happen to me. Even when I was coming up with what power he should have, I just thought about what power I would most like to have if I had super powers. Greg is kind of like the ultimate version of me in my mind. It's been an overall interesting experience, and I'll keep you updated on if any other weird things start happening with me/Greg.

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