Thursday, March 5, 2009

Northpark Underground

So here is the logo for the new series. My day at work was pretty slow, so I took advantage, and did a ton of writing. I worked out a lot of the character stuff (they all have names now, woo!), I established some of their back stories, and outlined the first 3 sections.

So as I've said before, Northpark is going to be told in 4 or 5 page burst every two weeks. The numbering is going to be a little funky. There will be larger chapters that are split up by sections. So first part will be called 1.1 and then 1.2, and 1.3, and continue in that order till that chapter is finished than it will switch to 2.1, this will be the next major story. There may be some out of continuity stuff that won't have the same numbering scheme as well.

I'll probably start actually writing scripts this weekend, and will start working on art after that. I want to get the first two sections in the bag before I post anything, so it will probably a little while before you see any pages, but I'll be posting on a regular basis, and I'll post a page in here once I have a good one to show. So you can get an idea of what the comic will look like. I'm thinking that sections will get posted every other Monday, and it will be posted on the main site. I'm shooting for the first one to come in late April most likely.

I did some other production stuff, and figured out what I want the page size to be. I'm going with a horizontal format like Zuda, instead of the normal vertical format. I think it will be more conducive to the web environment. I'll also be doing a website redesign before the first section comes out.

I'm pretty excited about getting started on this.

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